Tooth Extractions

Why Pull My Tooth?

Nearly every working day of Dr. Young’s career, patients have said ‘Pull my tooth.’  

Why?  When faced with a toothache, patients often have two options.

  1. Root Canal and Crown; which are expensive, require multiple office visits and can be unpredictable or
  2. Extract; PullMyTooth was started when Dr. Young came to the realization that he is much better at extraction teeth than performing root canal therapy.  He enjoys helping people who have been suffering from broken and infected teeth.  Read what his patients are saying.


What are the different types of extractions?


Simple extractions are basically the easiest types of extractions, that pose little risk of complications.


Extractions are considered surgical when removing teeth is complicated by various circumstances (broken teeth, multiple roots, or when extracting requires bone removal and or sutures).


This typically refers to wisdom teeth. Many people don’t have enough space in their mouths for their third molars (Wisdom Teeth).  Since these teeth do not emerge until later in life - generally easiest in teenage years, the surgery and recovery are more predictable.  Dr Young removes most wisdom teeth in his office and uses modern instruments and techniques to ensure that your tooth extractions are done as safely and comfortably as possible.  Some patients may have a high risk situation that may require a referral to an Oral Surgeon.

What can I expect?

Our patients at Main Street Dental are made as comfortable as possible with local anesthesia and sedation. We can also provide deep sedation when necessary.  The safety and comfort of our patients is our highest priority. All options will be discussed in detail prior to treatment to make sure you are as pain free and comfortable as possible throughout the procedure.  Postoperative discomfort usually subsides after a few days.  When necessary, Dr. Young can prescribe medications to aid in your recovery.  


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